Blowing Hot Air? Six Signs That It’s Time for an AC Replacement

Here in Brisbane, our air conditioners get a workout for months on end. Air conditioning isn’t cheap, so you should always ensure your unit is running smoothly and efficiently. Older units can malfunction regularly, and at a certain point it is more cost-effective to get a new model.

We have compiled a list of problems that can indicate you are in need of a complete AC replacement.

Very Little Air Is Coming out of the Vents

If you notice reduced air flow from your air conditioner while in use, the problem might be caused by a malfunctioning compressor. This can be a sign that you are in need of complete AC replacement, but you should first ensure that all filters are checked and operational. If your thermostat is set to a temperature that is not being achieved by the unit, the damage may be beyond repair.

It Simply Isn’t Cold Enough

For most Australians, AC is used to take the edge off the heat in summer. If your unit cannot maintain the low temperature you desire, the underlying cause might be low refrigerant levels caused by a leak. This can be a dangerous repair job, so ensure you get a professional to inspect the unit. If the leaks are significant enough and your unit is getting old, AC replacement might be the better long-term option.

Your Energy Bill Is on the Rise

Have you noticed an inexplicable spike in your electricity bill? If you consider all factors and come to the conclusion that your AC is the culprit, there can be a number of causes. If the cooling capacity of your unit has decreased, it will have to work harder and expend more energy to produce the same results. You can attempt to clear the air vents or replace filters to uncover an underlying problem, but very often it is simply because your AC is nearing its use-by date and is not performing as efficiently as it once did.

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It’s Emitting Strange Smells, Moisture or Noise

It goes without saying that this is a bad sign. If your AC is producing particularly unusual noises such as grinding or wailing, switch the unit off and get in contact with a repairer ASAP. Unusual smells can be equally dangerous, as they are often caused by insulation damage or mould and mildew inside the unit. Mould being circulated in the air can make occupants of the house sick, so do not use the unit until it is properly inspected. Water or refrigerant leaks must also be promptly investigated by a repairer, given the obvious danger.

The Temperature Is Inconsistent in Different Rooms

If one part of your house is very cold while other rooms are warm, it is likely you can attribute the problem to your thermostat or air leaks in your duct system. Such issues are often symptomatic of a dying unit, so AC replacement may be your best option in the near future.  

You’re Getting Repairs Done Yearly

If you are getting too acquainted with your AC repairer, it might be time to bite the bullet and shell out for a new air conditioning unit. Generally, your AC unit won’t last much longer than 10 years before it needs replacement, and the amount of repairs required dramatically increases towards the end of this shelf life. AC replacement might be the more cost-effective option at this time, as new units are generally more efficient and often have extended warranties to protect from further expenses.

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