7 Signs You Need to Hire an Electrician

There are any number of electrical problems that can present a serious risk for your home and your family, and the warning signs are not always obvious.  We have put together a list of seven of the most common household electrical problems that signal you need to hire an electrician. Remember, unlicensed or DIY electrical repairs are illegal, so always ensure you engage the services of a licensed professional.

1. Your Circuit Breaker is Constantly Tripping

We’ve all lost power at one time or another simply by plugging in the toaster, but consistent circuit breaker tripping can be a sign of serious electrical problems. While it can be caused by an appliance, tripping is often a sign that circuits are drawing more current than they should be.


2. Your Lights Brighten and Dim of Their Own Accord

If the light produced by your fittings is inconsistent, or flickering occurs just after you’ve switched a light on and is present in multiple fittings, there is likely an underlying wiring issue that needs attention. Wiring can deteriorate over time, and minor problems like this can be a sign that you need an upgrade if you own an older house.

3. You Can Smell Burning

You can’t really mistake the smell of an electrical fire; an acrid, pungent smell that pervades your house. If you experience it, endeavour to find out what is causing it immediately or you could have a house fire on your hands. If you’re lucky, it will only be localised to a singular outlet or appliance with minor discolouration or charring – if it’s coming from an outlet or fitting, you’re going to need to call an electrician immediately to find out the cause.

4. You Get an Electrical Shock, Minor or Major

If you experience a minor shock when flicking a switch or plugging in an appliance, it is often caused by frayed wiring causing the circuit to short out. Never attempt to rectify an issue like this yourself – the prudent course of action is calling in an electrician to fix the problem safely and ensure there is not an underlying cause.

5. You Rely Heavily on Powerboards and Extension Cords


Electrical fires are often attributed to overloading of circuit boards. If your number of appliances significantly outweighs the number of outlets you have, contact an electrician to add more outlets. While powerboards and extension cords can be a good temporary option, they can cause your appliances to short-circuit or potentially cause fires long-term.

6. You See Sparks or Smoke

Smoke emanating from your skirting boards or sparks from outlets or appliances are certain indicators of trouble. If possible, switch off your main circuit breaker immediately to determine the cause of the problem before contacting an electrician.

7. Your Power Switches are Warm or Discoloured

Take the time occasionally to go around your home and press your hand to outlets and other electrical surfaces. If they are warm or hot to the touch, or if there are signs of plastic discolouring or even melting, get in touch with an electrician ASAP. Loose or deteriorating connections just behind an outlet can cause wiring to heat up over time.

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