Your guide to split system air-conditioner installation

The five things you must know this summer

In South East Queensland, summer seems to arrive earlier every year! And that means it’s more important than ever to make sure you have the right split system air-conditioner installed for your home.

Get the wrong split system installed, and you could be paying for the decision for years. Higher power bills, inefficient heating and cooling, and an air-conditioner that works harder than it needs to (resulting in a shorter service life) are just some of the problems that can commonly occur.

So how do you go about choosing the right split system for your needs? We asked the Electrolite team to share their top five tips for finding the right air-conditioner for summer.

1. Consider EVERY aspect of the room you want cooled

Just about every air-conditioner installer will take into account the size of the room you want cooled. But there’s a lot more involved in getting the ideal split system for your needs.

It’s important to take an in-depth look at your situation, and consider every variable of the room to be air-conditioned. For example, air-conditioning installers should look at the aspect of the room – if the main wall faces west your air-conditioner will tend to use a lot more energy to cool the room in the afternoon sun.

We’ll think about the number of windows in the room and even whether you have curtains, to calculate how much energy is lost through your windows. And we’ll talk to you about the way you live in both summer and winter, to ensure you get a reverse cycle system that will keep you comfortable all year round.

2. Get advice from a qualified electrician

There are good reasons why it pays to choose a qualified electrician to install your air-con. For example, if you’re installing a brand new air-conditioner in your home, it will add an additional burden to your home’s switchboard. Is it capable of handling the extra load?

As qualified electricians, the Electrolite team can assess your existing switchboard and advise you on whether it is sufficient to safely handle the new electrical load, or whether you would be better off having a new switchboard installed.

3. Consider the placement of indoor and outdoor air-con units

Of course, a split system air-conditioner uses an indoor and an outdoor unit – and both of them will benefit from a little care and thought before installation.

For example, your outdoor air-con unit should be positioned so that noise doesn’t unnecessarily impact your neighbours. Wall mounting the outdoor unit at least 2 metres off the ground gives room to sweep or hose beneath. 

Inside your home, it’s important that the indoor air-on unit is installed neatly, straight and level, with its filters easily accessible for maintenance. All these little things can add up to make a big difference to the liveability of your home.

4. Choose the right brand of air-conditioner for your needs

Our Electrolite air-con installers have wide experience with all brands of air-conditioner. We’ll be happy to advise you on which air-con brands offer the best efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness for your home.

While we supply and install all air-conditioner brands, we are happy to recommend Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a consistent performer across all these criteria. Talk to Electrolite to find out more.

5. Look for an air-con installer with real attention to detail

Your home’s split system air-conditioner is a long-term investment. So when you’re having it installed, it pays to do the job right and work with proper attention to detail.

Things like correctly installing the air-conditioner drain into your home’s downpipe, or making use of a plumbing tundish to ensure that waste water can’t re-enter the air-con system. Or taking into account the prevailing winds around your home, so that your air-conditioner fans don’t have to work harder than they have to.

Talk to Electrolite to find your ideal split system air-conditioner

For advice and assistance on finding the ideal split system air-conditioner for your home, talk to the experienced Electrolite team. We will be happy to come to your home to carry out an in-home inspection, and advise you on the best air-conditioning solution for your needs.

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