Thermal electrical scanning

Did you know that your electrical systems and equipment could be running hot right now – and becoming a potential safety risk?

With thermal scanning and imaging, our Electrolite electricians can detect faults in your electrical system that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Our advanced thermal imaging equipment lets the Electrolite team assess the heat signature of electrical systems and spot any faulty equipment that’s running too hot.

Thanks to this ‘electrical thermography’, we can identify possible electrical problems early, avoiding equipment failure and potentially more serious concerns.

Accurate thermal electrical imaging

Annual thermal imaging checks from Electrolite’s trained operators can drastically reduce the risk of electrical fires and save you money.

When we service you, we’ll present a highly detailed report with details of any electrical faults and potential hazards. We’ll then recommend the preventive electrical maintenance your system needs to reduce the risk of failure and damage.

And it’s not just when you do have electrical faults that thermal imaging shows its value. With electrical thermography, our trained Electrolite operators can give business owners the information they need to satisfy insurance companies that Workplace Health & Safety requirements have been met and that your business’s electrical systems are in good condition.

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